Look, I’m blogging again.  I try not to do it too often, because I know how easy it is to waste time on the internet.  I appreciate your interest in me, so I won’t keep you long.

After my last blog, re: bad review, I really started to get my life in order.  I let motivation and discipline take the wheel.  See ya later, “Scattered and Focused.”  There’s a new Walkinsauce in town.  For starters, I deleted 15 episodes of American Idol from my PVR.  (Oh, without watching them, that is.  That was the point.)  At least half of those were 2 hour episodes.  Can you imagine if I actually watched them all?  What a waste of time that would have been!  Let’s do the math:

Eight 2 hour episodes.  8 x 2 = 16

Seven 1 hour episodes. 7 x 1 = 7

16 + 7 = 23. (I’ve always been great at math.  Too many years serving, I suppose.)

That’s 23 hours of time suckage I just ousted from my life!  (Well, maybe only 20 after fast forwarding the commercials.)  (Also, I couldn’t find the multiply button on my keyboard, so I just used the letter “x.”  I hope that looks okay.)  The point is, I’m totally getting my shit together.  Even my apartment is starting to come together.  I installed my air conditioner all by myself, and made a bobby pin holder out of an old dollar store candle.  I’m clearly in the middle of an inventive phase of my life.

I also started writing a book!  That’s exciting, right?  At the rate of my procrastination, it should be done mid-way through my fifties. Of course, I’ll still use a headshot from this year for my “About the Author.” Even Mr. Sumi himself asked me to write about my favourite patio in Toronto for NOW magazine, which lets be honest, is right up my alley.  I’m surprised Zagat hasn’t recruited me, especially if they’re thinking about adding a chapter on Taco Salads.  And lastly on the writing front, I’m finally getting better at closing my brackets.  (That’s always been a weakness of mine.

The last few months, I’ve also been #FF’d by some great people on Twitter.  That’s obviously important stuff.  AND I updated my Foursquare app, which quite frankly, I’m not too impressed with.  Don’t do that.  And you can tell by how few and far between my Get Glue check-in’s are, that I’m barely watching any TV.  I’m so focused now.

Anyways, that’s some pretty groundbreaking writing for today.  Glenn Sumi and I will meet face to face again, tomorrow night, as I perform at Bitch Salad, for Pride.  (Buddies and Bad Times Theatre, 8pm.  Friday, June 29th.)  I’m pretty sure it’s redemption time, for this gal.

Anyways, gotta bolt.  It’s happy hour.



P.S. I have two comps for tomorrow’s show.  Tweet me if you want them.

P.S.S. Who won American Idol?

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